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Brad Gove’s years of woodworking experience, combined with his love of design and his innate creativity give him a distinct advantage as a woodworker to make his clients dreams become a reality. Brad brings a level of experience and skill necessary to achieve the aesthetic look and level of quality that his clients demand.

Brad was first introduced to woodworking at the age of 2 when his Father Mike Gove would let him swing the hammer in their Santa Ana CA garage/woodshop. As Brad got older his Father would let him work on projects such as bed frames and end tables with him. When Brad was 4 he decided to take a ball peen hammer to the wood siding of their house. Brad was just trying to fix a few things while his Father was away at work.

At the age of 14 Brad started High School in Anaheim CA and enrolled in woodshop as an elective. This is when Brad met a woodshop teacher by the name of Mike “Mo” Moses.  Mo expected perfection and if you were going to slack in Mo’s woodshop you were doing pushups or get a swift poke to the chest. Mo taught Brad everything from the quality of wood to the finish and this is where Brad learned a lot of his skills he applies today.

For the last 25 years Brad has worked closely with various clients designing wood benches, Whiskey/ Wine racks, end tables and dining room tables.  In 2016 Brad and his Brother Jack decided to start making rustic U.S. flags and this is when The Bradford Flag Co. was born.

At The Bradford Flag Co. our attention to detail from the wood used, the finish applied and the hardware chosen reflects a high level of personal communication with each client.

Brad and his wife Kim, along with their 2 children live in Orange County CA area where both their home and woodworking shop are located.

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